Small Town Excitement

I live in a cozy little town in Northern Utah.  If you were to drive down Main Street on any normal day, you would see mostly older homes that are well kept and attractive.  You would see nice yards and big, shady trees lining the way.

But if you were driving down Main Street with me yesterday, this is what you would have seen:

Chairs, rope, blankets, canopies and yes, even caution tape set up all along the street.  

People must be saving their spots for a parade, right? 


Only the parade isn't until Monday at noon, four days away folks!

Hey, can we help it if we all get a little bit excited for the biggest event this city has all year.

I mean, you can get your grocery sack filled half way up with candy if you've got yourself a good enough spot.

Of course, I would never go save my spot four days early.  I just roll my eyes and shake my head at those overly-anxious folks who just have to have the best spot. *sheesh*

I am excited for the parade though.  My two daughters are going to be on a float with their ballroom dance team, so that should be fun.  

And we're having some family come to watch the parade with us.....

....Speaking of that, there's going to be quite a few of us.  We're going to need a pretty big patch of grass for all of us to sit.....  

....Ummmmm, sorry,  I gotta get off the computer and go round up some blankets and chairs!

Happy 4th of July!

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