The Antique Chair Mystery

I have a mystery on my hands, and I need some help getting it solved.

I bought these lovely antique chairs on one of my junk sprees at the DI (Utah's version of goodwill).
I had almost decided against buying them, but there was a little voice in the back of my mind saying Brooke at All Things Thrifty would be so disappointed if I passed up the opportunity to glaze these beauties!
So I bought them with the plan to refinish and make them gorgeous. 

It wasn't until after I made had my handy hubby go pick them up for me and we were unloading them into the garage (a.k.a. old furniture storage place) that we noticed these nifty little tags on the bottom of each chair.

Two things caught my eye..."The Singer Company"...who hasn't heard that name before?...and "Rockefeller Plaza, NY".

"Hmmmm", my mind started thinkin', maybe these little beauties are worth more than the $15 (each) that I paid for them.  Or maybe they really are just old junk that needs to be made beautiful again.
The problem is, I just don't know!

I've tried researching online and I've discovered that the Singer Company, which is famous for it's sewing machines, did branch off into furniture for a short amount of time beginning in the sixties.
But I can find no evidence of any other Singer furniture anywhere online.

So I need help --- I'd hate to refinish these if they have any value in their original state, but I'd also like to get them done and out of my garage if they're just old, ugly chairs.

Does anyone, anywhere out there know anything more?  Have you seen anything similar to these or other furniture that is made by the Singer Company?

Any suggestions to help me solve this mystery would be sooooo wonderful!!!

Hope your Independence Day celebrations were wonderful --- mine were!

Thanks for reading --- have a fabulous day!


KristiYaYa said...

I bought a new dresser made by Singer in 1975. Most of the front was plastic. Served us well for a long time and then we passed it along to someone else. It was NOT EXPENSIVE, and my guess is that there is on value to those Singer products that were made so cheaply.

Janeal @ decorative deals said...

That's good to know --- the only reason I would think they may have any value is because they were produced during the short time period that Singer had their headquarters at Rockefeller Plaza in NY.

Can you believe I actually sent an e-mail to a guy from Antiques Roadshow asking about these chairs? LOL!

Of course, I haven't heard anything back from him.....