I Need More Time!

There's one bad thing about decorating projects.....they take time.

I have so many projects planned.....so many things around my house that could be improved....so many wonderful ideas for decorating....so many closets I should clean out....now if only I could find the time!
This summer is seriously flying by, and in some ways I am really NOT looking forward to school starting again.  Going back to the daily grind of making sure all homework gets done, making sure kids get to and practice piano, orchestra, dance etc. makes me a little tired just thinking about it. 

But I have to admit there's this tiny little part of me that's jumping up and down and shouting hooray! looking forward to it, just a bit.  Six hours a day with only one little one demanding my attention.....oh what will I do with all of that free time?  Hmmmmm.

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